Formed as an athlet and focused on the purest tradition of handcrafted achievments, Manuel Cebrián aim his career to the innovation and excellence in the refined artisan work.

Spanish weightlifting championship, heavyweight. 1961.

Given his successful career as an athlete, he was able to verify the mediocrity of the awards that were given to athletes in those days.

And he decided to create his own awards giving them their own identity and quality in design, clearly differentiating from imported products.

Original Workshop, 1970.

Florista Street, Valencia (Spain), 1970.

And his small original workshop located on Florista Street (Valence, Spain) gained, over the years, the mastery of design and forge real brass medals.

Following a period of strong growth during the 80´s, as a referent of personalized engraving medals, that talented craftsman would achieve the challenge of create the future worldchampion winners´ awards.

Our founder´s sons continue with his inspiring legacy, to this day.